Friday, 18 May 2012

Benefits of Window server hosting and dedicated server hosting

Window server hosting is the most popular and reliable option for everyone’s web hosting. Microsoft window server’s have more than 10 years experience with windows hosting, ASP hosting and ASP.Net hosting platforms. You can highly depend on them for top quality and reliable shared windows web hosting and windows VPS options.

It is true that, all windows web and VPS hosting plans are powered by windows server 2008. This is because, it is the latest platform offered by Microsoft. It also provides security, easy-to-manage platform for development, dependable application and services.

From the above information, it is seen that, the ASP.NET is part of window servers. ASP NET is generally a free technology that enables web developers to create dynamic web application. They also have best features like: they are fully trusted servers, they offer ASP.Net MVC 2 online and they have unlimited sub domain pointer. They also provide unlimited ASP.NET virtual directory, spam filter and Anti virus email. In addition, they provide free MySQL database and support international domains. However, they are highly featured in multi language control panel, 24/7 live chat sales and support and they finally offer you with the latest ASP.NET technology.

Dedicated server hosting, is basically a server who is not shared. The client leases them. This server is more flexible than the shared hosting because you have full control of the particular dedicated server hosting. In most cases dedicated servers are often housed in data centers where they provide redundant power sources and HVAC systems. For more information visit

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